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Assess Your Situation

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Start by listing your circumstance and what’s affecting your house:

Ex: Probate or Pre-foreclosure

  • Are your relationships changing such as a death in the family or divorce?

  • Job change?

How about deferred maintenance where the cost of repairing a home becomes too high to handle with other expenses?

Your home situation could be affected for a number of reasons.

Now list what help you might need:

  • Probate attorney

  • Negotiating with lender to avoid foreclosure

Now, tackle the BIG ISSUE:

  • List what you think is your home’s value:

You can do online comparisons using online services or ask Sandra and she can get specific market prices for your area.

  • How much do you owe?

What upgrades will you need to compete for the current market price?

Cosmetic upgrades like paint and flooring will still require in the low thousands.

Structural upgrades like kitchen cabinets, electrical, or plumbing begin pushing the costs higher.

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Move Forward Confidently

Sandra brings the resources you need to move seamlessly through your specific circumstances.

Negotiate a short sale with the lender buying you time in your home.

Move confidently through probate court.

Satisfy the requirements of a divorce or family dispute over property.

Sandra’s team processes all paperwork error-free and completes the transaction as quickly as possible.

You’re now free to pursue the best housing solutions for you and your family.

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We appreciate your submission.

A member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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