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Compare Listing with a Local Real Estate Agent

vs. Selling to Rescue Realty

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With higher interest rates and inflation, what was a good time to sell your house in Florida, has shifted.  Now is the right time to think about your choices. You want to find out what will really help you achieve your goals when you sell your house. Even if a local Florida real estate agent can list your house at a higher price, that might not mean you'll end up with more money or less trouble. Let's look more closely at the information below to compare the different things you can do.


Compare Listing with a Real Estate Agent Vs. Selling to Rescue Realty:

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Do the Math and Figure out Which Approach will HELP you Reach Your Goal.

Here at Rescue Realty, we might not give you the complete regular price for your house, but we provide other advantages that make it valuable.

Advantages of Choosing Rescue Realty for Selling:

Zero Fees. No Commissions. Increase your cash earnings! We purchase houses all around Central Florida and the nearby regions, regardless of the cost range. Take a look at how our method operates. We're prepared to provide a fair offer for your home.

How Do We Buy Florida Probate Homes?

Very simple.  We’ll buy your unwanted home for cash.

  • Our team will help you by buying your unwanted property for cash. We understand that you’re not just selling an unwanted property—we know this is the former home of a loved one and we are respectful of the emotions and challenges this situation raises.

  • Even if your loved one wasn’t able to care for the home or maintain it to safety standards, that’s okay. We believe that handing off their home to us, in exchange for cash in your pocket, is the easier, less stressful way to remember your loved one (than to go broke trying to repair and maintain their property).

  • We believe that it honors your loved one when a deserving family finds that your inherited home is the perfect home for them. Imagine their excitement and joy at finding a place to call home—it’s something you can be proud of.

  • Eliminate those extra expenses and hassles, the hours of caring for a home you never expected to own, and the high cost of paying to repair or rehab the property. Put cash into your pocket and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Skip the high costs you’ll pay if you sell the house the traditional way—forget paying high commissions, fees, and repair costs, forget waiting for a buyer to get financing, forget cleaning up before you leave. We’ll pay cash and you avoid these costs.


Are there Disadvantages to Selling My Home to Rescue Realty?

No! While it is true that an as-is cash home sale will often not yield the same sales price as a home sold through traditional means, you get to save thousands of dollars in closing costs and realtor fees. It also allows you to sell your house immediately, eliminating holding costs while you wait for your home to sell.

Further, we buy your house regardless of the condition. No need to make upgrades or repairs to make it attractive to potential buyers. We love buying ugly houses! We bear the burden of making the necessary upgrades to the home to make it suitable for traditional home buyers.

Sell your house faster and for less with Rescue Realty–it’s never been easier!

Stress-Free Cash Home Buyer in Florida


It’s never been easier to sell your home fast for cash . Every moment you wait is a moment that could be free of homeowner stress. The sooner you act, the faster you’ll get cash for your unwanted home and leave your headaches behind.

How do we Buy Florida Probate Homes?

We're here to buy the homes you don't need anymore, and we'll pay in cash.

  • Your loved one was thoughtful and kind in leaving their property in your care.  Our team wants to help by purchasing your unwanted property. We understand that this property used to be important to someone you cared about, and we'll be respectful of the emotions you might be feeling.

  • Even if the person who owned the home couldn't take good care of it, that's alright. We believe it's easier for you to sell it to us for cash instead of struggling to fix and maintain it.

  • We think it's a good thing when a deserving family gets to live in the home you inherited. Imagine how happy they'll be to have a new place to call home. You can feel proud about that.

  • You won't have to deal with extra expenses and troubles, spending hours taking care of a home you never planned to own, or paying high costs to fix it up. We'll give you cash, and we'll handle the rest.

  • You won't face the high costs that come with selling a house the usual way. You won't need to worry about paying big commissions, fees, or fixing things, and you won't have to wait for a buyer to get a loan. We'll pay in cash, so you can avoid these problems.

Are There Downsides to Selling My Home to Rescue Realty?

No, there aren't! While it's true that selling your home for cash might not get you as much money as a traditional sale, you can save thousands on closing costs and realtor fees. You'll also be able to sell your house quickly, avoiding the costs of keeping the house while waiting for a buyer, more so in the current buyer market. Plus, we'll buy your house no matter its condition. You don't need to make upgrades or repairs to attract buyers. We're fine with buying homes that need work – we'll take care of making the necessary improvements for traditional buyers. Sell your house faster and with less hassle through Rescue Realty – it's never been simpler! Selling Your Florida Home for Cash Without Stress Selling your home quickly for cash is easier than ever. The longer you wait, the more you'll have to worry about as a homeowner. Take action sooner.

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